We have decided to pursue legal action against Beloftebos. We will be taking on this case as individuals to treat it with the urgency it warrants, although welcome the Human Rights Commission of South Africa to join us.  You can read our press statement on our decision to take legal action here

Ultimately, we want to work towards creating an equal society for all. This is not a question of beliefs; it is a question of human rights and equality before the law. We maintain that it is unjust and unconstitutional to use one’s personal beliefs or religion as a means to conduct business in a discriminatory manner. Prejudice is prejudice, no matter the scale. 

We have been advised by a number of legal bodies that we have a very strong legal case.  Right now, we are only starting the legal process, but will be posting updates here. If you’d like to help us with our legal case, you can read more about how here.


We were finally able to file our papers in the Beloftebos case – see them here.