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We are Megs and Sash, a recently engaged same-sex couple from beautiful Cape Town.

We have been together since 2013; although have taken almost the entire length of our relationship to share our love beyond close friends and immediate family. You can read more about it in Sasha’s personal statement here.

We announced our engagement on Facebook and were so surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response we received. We were on an engagement high (as any couple should be) and began wedding planning for our forest fairytale straight away. We started researching and sending out wedding venue enquiries, to find out more about the cost of their wedding packages. One of those enquiries was sent to Beloftebos, a wedding venue in Stanford, Cape Town.

Beloftebos refused outright to send us information on their venue and stated they would not host our wedding on the basis of our sexual orientation and gender due to their personal and religious beliefs. 

We created public Facebook posts on our personal accounts to create awareness (you can read our original posts here). Megs’ post gained significant media traction; and, before long, we were getting phone calls and messages from news and media reporters wanting to know more about our story. 

Whilst Beloftebos’ response did not incite violence, using one’s personal beliefs to discriminate against someone on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender, no matter how “polite”, is unfair discrimination. We knew we had to take action; and that lead to the creation of #samelove.